About mark

For over 10 years I have approached restaurant photography as a street photographer; shooting close and candid when it's busy. I try to shoot in both the front and back of the house. This blog is my way to show and talk about some of my current restaurant work as well as a few images from the nearly 500 restaurants that have allowed me access. I hope you enjoy this blog. Thank you for stopping by!


I’m back. I’ve been back, actually. The time away left me with so much work to do and catch up with that I haven’t had a chance to tend to this blog.
Here are a few from Northern Ghana–Bolgatanga and Sumbrungu in the Upper East Region. I was there to photograph basketweavers for Ti-A Baskets. I did my Peace Corps service 40 miles down the road in Bawku in the ’90s, so it was great to have an opportunity to hook up with old friends and see how things have changed there.

Apartment building in Bolgatanga (Bolga)

Chiefs home in Sumbrungu

Old Man

Buying grass for weaving in Bolga

A Basketweaver in Sumbrungu

Young Drummers performing in Sumbrungu

Women from Sumbrungu, singing and dancing.

At a party in Sumbrungu

You've Earned It - Bolga